There are so many different types and flavours of tea these days that it can be hard to decide on which ones to try and which ones to buy. That's why we, at Vektra, have put together our top five herbal and fruit teas from Twinings that you'll find us sipping on in the workplace.

Nettle & Peppermint – Peppermint tea is a staple in our office, someone always has a teabag hidden away in their desk drawer, and we’ve found that this particular flavour packs the biggest, richest punch.

Good Points: Strong, full peppermint taste. Mint tea aids with digestion.

Cherry & Cinnamon – This fruity tea was made for a cold, wet wintery day with its rich & subtle flavour. Expect strong notes of cherry with a little cinnamon spice aftertaste to follow. It’s a relaxing infusion.

Good Points: Good, strong taste. Deep red colour. Yankee Candle cherry scent.

Pineapple & Grapefruit – This yellow tea offers an exotic taste and aroma. The pineapple is more prevalent in this tea compared to the grapefruit but they do work very well together. The overall taste is very light and smooth.

Good Points: Only 2 calories per cup. A light, fun & fruity drink.

Fudge Melts – This tea is perfect for those that aren’t usually a fan of Green Tea as the sweet, creamy fudge taste masks the usually bitter edge that so many non-green drinkers dislike. Plus it smells like heaven in a cup.

Good Points: Smells divine. Great choice for non-Green Tea drinkers.

Lemon and Honey – This tea is like marmite. Those that like it, love it. Those that hate it, despise it with a passion. We know what you’re thinking, why add it to the list if it causes such controversy between work mates? The answer, simply put, is that the flavour is there. You just have to like the taste of Lemon Lemsip to appreciate it!

Good Points: Helps soothe a sore throat. Light, sweet flavour.

Have any recommendations? Tweet us with which Twining’s tea you think we should try and which ones you'd advise we avoid like a scaly kettle!