Environmental & Safe

Saving the world one cup of tea at a time


Our favourite thing about the Vektra kettles is their environment saving potential. The efficiency of the vacuum insulation means that once boiled, the water inside will stay piping hot for up to four hours, thus reducing the need to re boil.
That means you can have a hot drink when you get up at 8 in the morning, and then another at 9.30, and another at 11, all from one boil of the kettle.

Using the appliance cost guidelines provided by npower in the UK, the energy used to boil a kettle is the same amount used to power a lightbulb for 4 hours - so by using the Vektra over a week, you could save enough energy (and money) to light your whole house for a full day.

Safe & Sturdy


Not only does the vacuum insulation keep your water hot, it keeps the outer wall of the kettle cool -  meaning it is safe to touch, even when boiling. This gives the Vektra a real advantage over standard electric kettles with a metallic body, as we know they can become extremely hot and pose a risk of burns to the user.
Another safety feature of the Vektra is its anti-spill lever controlled lid and non-drip spout - if the kettle were to be knocked over or dropped only a small trickle of water should escape (if any at all!) thus reducing the risk of scalds and burns. 
All of this means the Vektra is great to use in a busy household with children, in a fast paced environment such as a working kitchen - or even on a moving vehicle such as a boat!


We guarantee that the water in your Vektra kettle will stay hot for up to 4 hours after it is first boiled. Testing has shown that after 2 hours the water is at 80°C, hot enough to brew a cup of te... Read more


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