We all want to get the best we can out of our products, whether that means taking a little extra time to do something or following certain steps down to a T.

Here we take a look at the best way to improve the performance and longevity of your Vektra kettle as you take on a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

how to care for your Vektra kettle

1. Never fill your kettle past the maximum mark

There’s a metal maximum marker located in the kettle for a reason! When the water inside reaches boiling point it starts to bubble and slosh around which can cause most kettles to overflow. Although this hasn’t been found to happen with a Vektra, thanks to the anti-spill lid, it does still mean that there is less space for the water to travel. Long story short - treat your kettle with kindness and respect!

2. Fill the kettle to just below the maximum mark for water later in the day

We’ve just mentioned never to overfill your kettle, however, to maximise usage you should fill it to just under the marker for more cups in over an hours’ time. As our kettle also acts as a flask/carafe, the vacuum element to it keeps your water hot for up to 4 hours. This means that if you know that you’ll be wanting another drink in the next few hours, you might as well fill it up with another cup worth to keep you going in that time without having to re-boil.

3. Carry your kettle with you to a different room

If you’re planning a tea party that WON’T be taking place in the kitchen, there’s no reason why you can’t take your kettle with you after boiling. The cool touch body and vacuum element to this kettle means that your water will stay hot as you chat and no-one (including children) will burn themselves on it as it stands proud on the coffee table.

4. Don’t forget to descale your kettle if there is a limescale build-up

Like any kettle, the Vektra can build-up on limescale if left too long without cleaning and clearing. Even though limescale isn’t bad for you (it’s a build-up of calcium) it can be detrimental to your kettle and wallet. This is because a kettle with too much limescale takes longer to heat, therefore, more energy and effort is used for your kettle to get your water to boiling point. To learn how to clean your kettle naturally, read our ‘The eco-friendly way to descale your kettle’ article.

5. Treat your kettle with care

It goes without saying but treat your kettle with the utmost care and respect. You wouldn’t drop your phone or bang it about and you certainly wouldn’t put anything on or in it that shouldn’t be there so why treat your kettle any differently? It’s a mystery to us why some people pour liquid other than water into their kettles but, as they say, who are we to judge?

Are you using your Vektra efficiently or are you finding that you’re underutilising it?