The eco-friendly way to descale your kettle

Any kettle, whether electric or not, is subject to lime-scale build up.

This isn’t anything dangerous and limescale isn’t bad for your health, however, it can cost you money in the long run and a good brew in the short run.

Limescale, a build-up of both calcium carbonate and magnesium from hard water, can cause your kettle to underperform. This is because the more limescale there is built-up, the more time it takes for your kettle to boil, and because of this the kettle’s longevity and efficiency can be reduced. Remember; your kettle is having to work longer and harder to boil your water in and amongst the hard, crystalline substance!

When cleaning a lime-scaly kettle, most people believe it takes a lot of time and with the wrong tools this is true. However, the method we’re about to teach you isn’t just great for the environment but it’s great for banishing intense scrubbing that you may sometimes find yourself doing with harsh detergents.

5 simple steps

What you’ll find particularly great about this method of descaling is that the tools you use, you will more than likely already have in your house. What tools, you ask? Either a lemon or white vinegar will do the trick, however, we do prefer the latter as it’s less fuss.

Simply grab the vinegar from the back of the cupboard, fill a jug with water from the tap and have your kettle lid open ready to treat your scaly kettle with the below method.

  1. Fill the kettle a quarter of the way up with white vinegar (or juice from a fresh lemon) in equal part to water. This works best if you have a jug to measure with.
  2. Leave the kettle to stand for around 1 hour – no boiling in this time!
  3. After the resting period is up, simply set the kettle to boil.
  4. Once the kettle has hit boil, pour the entirety of its contents down the sink and take a peek inside to double check for limescale. On the odd occasion that there is some, just give the inside a quick wipe and it should shift easily.
  5. After the above steps have been completed, give your kettle three quick rinses to be sure that your next cup of tea doesn’t end up vinegar infused!

Have you tried this natural method of descaling yet?

Published on: Aug 11, 2017

Top 5 moon mugs to take your drinks to new heights

In celebration of the first moon landing, which happened on the 20th of July in 1969, we’ve been scouring Pinterest for the best moon cups to enjoy a good ol’ brew from our Vektra kettle in.

Here are our top five finds:

Moon Landing Teacup – Otter Valley Vintage Etsy Shop


Moon Landing Tea Cup, Vintage Duchess Tea Cup, Moon Landing Commemorative Cup, Apollo 11 Lunar Landing, Neil Armstrong, Richard Nixon by OtterValleyVintage on Etsy

Extremely detailed and made from fine china, this teacup is dedicated to the men that made that first trip something truly remarkable.

Cosmos Mug – Urban Outfitters Awesome stuff for you & your space More

Available in black and white, and detailed with flecks of gold moons and stars, these mugs are simple and perfect for both the older and younger generation alike.

Stay Wild Moon Child – So Super Awesome

If there ever was such a fun and quirky motto, this would be it. We don’t know what a moon child is but we definitely want to be one now!  

Gothic Moon – Freida


Into the Gothic chic look, this is definitely a mug for you to take into consideration. Bathed in black, grey and pink, we would definitely rate this for its out-of-this-world craft work!

Raven Moon – Etsy


Made to Order Black and White Raven Moon Tree by TheMuddyRaven, $39.00

Prefer the darker side of the moon? This is one for those who love creepy, horror-inspired images. We’re not too sure whether that’s a raven or a demon though?

Which one’s your favourite?

Published on: Jul 21, 2017

Competition Time!

Fancy winning yourself one of our brand new Vektra kettles?

Get yourself on Facebook and check out Hart of Stur’s competition!

A simple game of spot the difference could land you a stylish, energy efficient, money saving kettle. All you have to do is visit their page, and send Harts of Stur your answer. Simple!

The winner will be picked on Friday 10th February.

Best of luck to you all!

The Vektra Team

Published on: Jan 12, 2017

See you at Exclusively Housewares!

Don’t miss I.Grunwerg on stands 136 and 138 at Exclusively Housewares on the 14th and 15th June, 2016 at the Business Design Centre in London!

We will be showcasing brand new products in our biggest ranges such as Global Knives, Benriner and Pioneer!

We will also have an exciting competition for you all…. So don’t miss out! Register here.

The Vektra Team


Published on: May 04, 2016

Christmas Opening Times

Please note that our office and warehouse will be closed from Wednesday 23rd December to Monday 5th January 2015 - orders will be received but not processed during this time.
The Vektra Team
Published on: Dec 19, 2014


We guarantee that the water in your Vektra kettle will stay hot for up to 4 hours after it is first boiled. Testing has shown that after 2 hours the water is at 80°C, hot enough to brew a cup of te... Read more


To be sure to make delivery in time for Christmas, please order your kettle by Wednesday 12th of December.   We'd also like to note that our warehouse & office will be closed from Friday 21st... Read more