About Us

Vektra is owned and distributed by I Grunwerg Ltd, an importer and exporter of quality kitchen and cookware. Established in Sheffield in 1949 and run by the same family ever since, we have a team of staff dedicated to supplying the best products in the kitchenwares industry. 

Originally we made scissors, but have expanded into almost all areas of kitchen and cookware; from high end Japanese kitchen knives such as Global, Global Sai and Tojiro we also supply vacuum-ware, tea and coffee ware such as teapots and cafétières, cutlery, servingware, cookware and of course, the ever present scissors. What links this all together like a shiny silver thread is stainless steel, a material in which we specialise. 
Still located in Sheffield in the UK, we are a family business which has been running since 1945. 
As a family company we all work very closely with each other to ensure the smoothest possible journey for our customers. For the Vektra kettle, we have Ben and Tom in charge of Sales, Amy who's the Brand Manager, Mel our resident designer and Lisa who is in charge of getting the kettles to you. Then of course there are all of the wonderful warehouse staff and all of the other office members who make everything run like clockwork.
To find out more and see what other products we supply, please visit www.grunwerg.co.uk
Sheffield in 1949 and has been a family run company ever since. With our headquarters and warehouse still in the heart of Sheffield, we have a team of staff dedicated to supplying the best products in the kitchenwares industry. Partial to a bit of cake and a constant supply of tea and coffee, we’ve been using the Vektra to great effect in our office.


We guarantee that the water in your Vektra kettle will stay hot for up to 4 hours after it is first boiled. Testing has shown that after 2 hours the water is at 80°C, hot enough to brew a cup of te... Read more


To be sure to make delivery in time for Christmas, please order your kettle by Wednesday 12th of December.   We'd also like to note that our warehouse & office will be closed from Friday 21st... Read more